My spirit moved by seeing this hashtag #WeAreDoneDying. The mother of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery will not have her child this Mother’s Day.  This was a hate crime with gun violence. One is too many when it comes to innocent blood. The false sense of privilege fueled by racism that spills innocent blood will only stop when we elect leadership that design policies to protect black, brown, and red bodies from the structural racism. We have to participate to make this democracy reflective of our shared values by voting, engaging others to vote, and holding our three branches of government accountable. #WeAreDoneDying translates for me- I’m done chasing the symptoms of racism, gun violence, health disparities, poverty, over-incarceration, subpar education, environment degradation, addiction, lack of healthcare, lack of mental health services, and lack of equity. The strategy to be a better America is to publicly demonstrate, litigate in the courts, engage in all aspects of the political process. 


What will it take for you to move from watching on the sidelines to work with us to be the change you seek? 




A mom of a 25-year-old black.

I will work willingly with others so that my son has a life where he can freely walk and exercise without experiencing hate crimes, assault, gun violence, or experiencing police violence. 

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Jerry Johnson, Treasurer

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