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Our society demands that we teach our students lifelong learning and skills that will translate to a modern economy. I am a lifelong proponent of funding our education system the same as we do our military in order to promote generations of meaningful success regardless of background or location in Tennessee.


We need meaningful ingenuity on how we teach and treat our children, Pre-K - 12 and beyond, to ensure Tennessee is the leader in the coming generations. To ensure everyone not only meets but exceeds their right to a quality education we must:

  • Relieve current student debt and reinstate protections from predatory for-profit student debt companies and colleges. We cannot invest in our youth if they are burdened with tens of thousands of dollars by the time they graduate. A Tennessee economy with that built into it is not sustainable.

  • Provide funding available to under-resourced and low performing local education authorities to implement appropriate wrap-around services to set students up for success

  • Provide quality childcare and school wrap-around services that support working families in economically depressed communities.

  • Fund universal pre-K education giving children the foundation to be lifelong learners.

  • Build towards a free technical, community, HBCU, and public college education;  expand grants and work-study options in areas of focus so students can complete their studies debt-free and gain skills in their field of choice.

  • Provide education and job training programs to re-skill workers

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