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The only way to address climate justice and environmental justice is to commit to addressing pollution.  December of 2019, I was the first candidate running for the United States Senate in TN to sign the Green New Deal Pledge. Our current leadership has failed Tennessee in this regard and has sought to turn Tennessee into a landfill for nuclear waste.


As a fighter for environmental justice my entire life, I am proud to stand as someone who sees the unending benefits of this deal, not only for our Planet’s health but for the future of our state’s economy. Tennessee has an opportunity to invest heavily in new jobs, infrastructure, and more with this deal and we need bold, unafraid leadership to take us to new heights. My environmental plan for Tennessee includes:

  • Supporting the Green New Deal & its initiatives to usher in a new era of economic growth for Tennessee. Investing heavily in infrastructure, jobs & leaving our state a cleaner place for our children to explore.

  • Require corporations to have environmental, social, and governance plans to rapidly remediate their waste and decrease environmental harm. Encourage a complete lifecycle of products with recycling or reuse to achieve net-zero waste.

  • Build or retrofit manufacturing plants, particularly in fenceline polluted communities and communities that have lost manufacturing jobs over the last four decades.

  • Invest heavily in training, education, and career opportunities for professionals who are desperately needed in a rapidly changing environment: biologists, climatologists, renewable energy engineers, inventors, regenerative farmers, conservationists, and specialists in fields as far-ranging as soil regeneration to closed-loop waste disposal to renewable energy financiers.

  • Federal oversight and audit of the remediation of brownfields and superfund sites. Remediation should be paid for by polluters, not taxpayers.

  • Provided facilities that specialize in treating environmental induce disease. Our current healthcare system does not have the capacity to diagnose and treat acute and chronic exposures to certain types of chemicals.  Areas with the worst environmental polluters also have the sickest populations and require healthcare facilities that recognize and specialize in treating environmentally-induced diseases, including lead exposure.

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