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As your Senator, I will fight to ensure Tennesseans going bankrupt from seeking needed Medical Care is a thing of the past. Having experienced that in my own life, I know what it's like to have to suffer through our current system.


Medicare For All is a good place to start, and I commit to you I will only advocate for legislation that is patient-centered.


I want our system of healthcare to be guided by the health outcomes and experience of patients, not insurance company profits. Fundamentally changing our healthcare system in Tennessee means:

  • Fighting for legislation that guarantees when you go to the doctor, you will not leave with a bill that will bankrupt your family.

  • Simplifying our system of healthcare in this country. Working families in Tennessee don't have time to worry about copays, deductibles, insurance premiums, and the never-ending list of things that keep you from getting care. 

  • Including mental, dental, vision, comprehensive reproductive health and addiction wrap-around services help into every conversation and legislation about healthcare. Tennesseans are having to choose between paying for their medical needs or their mortgages in many cases. This is not right. I will fight for you & your family as hard as I do my own.

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