Justice - I Support Community Policing, Restorative Justice and  Signed the Justice Guarantee Pledge

Restorative justice is a theory of justice that focuses on repairing the harm caused by the crime. It is best accomplished through cooperative processes that allow stakeholders to meet. In Tennessee, we need a fundamental overhaul of our justice system to ensure that we all are being held to an equal interpretation of the law, not one rooted in racial and income bias. When we do this it will lead to a transformation of people, relationships, and communities. 

  • Support services while serving time to prepare for re-entry into society in order to decrease recidivism.

  • Restore the right to vote following other States' blueprints. 

  • Physical and mental health services for those living with addiction.

  • Address the disparities of longer sentences and extended probations.

  • Ensure reentry programs and probation services are not privatized.

  • End wage slavery where incarcerated people get paid below market value for jobs benefiting corporations.

  • I support the full legalization of recreational marijuana. We need to lead Tennessee in this industry that can not only help our economy but also begin to give Black & brown Tennesseans entrepreneurship, alongside restorative justice to those who have been impacted by our outdated & predatory drug laws.

Paid for by Marquita Bradshaw for US Senate

Jerry Johnson, Treasurer 

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