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Tennesseans are the hardest working people in this country & their labor deserves to be recognized. This means fully and aggressively fighting for the federal recognition & implementation of a living wage beginning at immediately increasing the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour. We should implement a Building an economy that helps all Tennesseeans means:

  • Provide real support, incentives, and investments to small and medium-sized business owners so they can do right by their employees and enjoy the profits of their work.

  • Ensure a minimum wage of $15.00 an hour is enacted for Tennessee, including a sustainable wage index formula that’s data driven with yearly review

  • Eliminate our status as a “Right To Work (For Less)” state. This will allow workers fundamental protections & rights within their companies. Our rights as Tennesseans allows us to organize & unionize, workers need more protections and pay at their jobs, not less!

  • Address the regressive tax structure which contributes massively to keeping the working poor where they are. We need a tax structure that appropriately taxes all working Americans, and does not place the burden of income, sales & property taxes on the working population of Tennessee.

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