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Some have argued the single most influential Supreme Court decision in our lifetimes has been the overturning of the Citizens United case. This ushered in an era of untold amounts of money being funneled into campaigns from billion-dollar corporations to buy elections. Protecting Democracy is a critical piece of my campaign.

  • Automatic voter registration.

  • Secure Vote by Mail.

  • Outlaw gerrymandering.

  • Make Election Day a National Holiday.

  • Thorough campaign finance reform, including overturning Citizens United.

  • Voters Rights Legislation that protects our ability and right to vote in America

  • I won’t vote for any judicial nominees who want to turn back the clock on anyone’s rights, especially the LGBTQ+ community. Being deprived of housing, jobs, and healthcare because of your gender identity or sexual orientation - that is a death sentence. I am committed to serving all hardworking families with common-sense policies of transparency and accountability—dignity and fairness for all.

  • ​ I signed the WolfPac Pledge which support a U.S. Constitutional Amendment to ensure a truly representative government that is responsive to the will of the people. Once an elected official, I pledge to vote in favor of and support the Free and Fair Elections Resolution applying for a limited Article V Convention for the exclusive purpose of proposing an Amendment to fix our broken campaign finance system.

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