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Marquita is native to Tennessee. She is a Memphian who has extensive experience in the environmental justice movement. Marquita advocates for human rights. Marquita grew up in South Memphis and is an alumna of University of Memphis. As a single working-class mother, she raised her son in Tennessee. 

Bradshaw is a volunteer project director for Defense Depot Memphis, Tennessee - Concerned Citizens Committee (DDMT-CCC). She is one of the eleven founders of Youth Terminating Pollution.  As a project director she fights for her childhood community. Bradshaw raises awareness and fights or justice for contamination from the Memphis Defense Depot Superfund site. The superfund site is a chemical and biological warfare landfill.  

Marquita has championed many communities causes in Memphis and throughout Tennessee.  Bradshaw has worked as an organizer at local, state, and national levels, including work with the Mid-South Peace & Justice Center, Sierra Club, Stand for Children, Tennesseans for Fair Taxation, A,F,G,E,, and the A.F.L.-C.I.O.

Along with serving in her community, Ms. Bradshaw served as Community Communications Liaison to the Memphis Community Advisory Board of the Southern Gateway Environmental Health Disparities Research Center of Excellence on behalf of the Memphis Chapter Coalition of Black Trade Unionist Community Action and Response Against Toxics (CBTU-CARAT) Team, a national task force that collects and disseminates information about pollution.

Marquita’s career and service have spanned labor, environment, education reform, tax reform, trade policy, and social justice work with the Tennessee African American Environmental Justice Network, Tennesseans for Fair Taxation, the A.F.L.-C.I.O, Organizing Institute, Sierra Club as well as a non profit consultant.

She also served as a board member of the International Coalition to Ban Depleted Uranium Weapons, the African American Environmental Justice Network, the Military Toxics Project, Youth Terminating Pollution, and the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center. Bradshaw is currently serving on the Sierra Club Tennessee Executive Committee


Bradshaw is the recipient of the Dick Mochow Environmental Justice Award from the Sierra Club, Human Rights Award from the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center and of the VOX Student Award: Financial Literacy High School Pilot from PRSSA

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